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About the paniq logo

I noticed that my logo, the eye of providence, is a symbol of void attraction. What do I mean with "symbol of void attraction"?

It is attractive, in that you want to look at it, and it kind of fixates your thought and makes you wonder on the one hand, but on the other hand it is empty, bland and devoid of depth. 

It has only meaning as a symbol, standing for something else instead of actually being that something else. It is entirely dependent on your understanding of the values behind it. 

It is the purple cow instead of an actual bar of chocolate. Now you would say that the logo, of course, stands for the goods which I have to offer: music.

But music is again something metaphysical, metaphorical and symbolic. Yet again it has a hypnotic, but no physical quality. But like chocolate, it irreparably loses depth and interestingness the more you consume it.

The eye of providence can't be the actual thing because it stands for too much. It is usually meant to represent a higher spiritual power, the driving force behind it all, and the source of everything existing. Try to actually depict that. You would need to fill an entire universe.

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